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    May 17, 2013
    4:00 - 5:01pm PDT  

it's happening at the port of oakland where divers were called in after a long shoreman died when he drove a pickup truck off the dock and into the bay. >> this is the vehicle in question. the white truck was pulled from the bay. good afternoon, everybody, i'm larry beil. >> we are live at the port of oakland. he just spoke with police and officials about what happened.
>> police are calling this an unfortunate accident. the individual identified to us as man yule has been a long shoreman here for 50 years. co-workers spoke to us about this accident just minutes ago. divers attached cable lines, raising the truck up enough to gain access. it was a single occupant inside of the vehicle. >> he's an icon in our organization. and we're saddened. the family is saddened over this death. and unnecessary accident. >> now, what we wanted to tell you is that emergency crews from oakland he was in a white pick up. he is a man ident -- manu r.el 0
years old. we don't know why he drove the truck. we have more information about the individual who has been well liked by everyone here smrks of the workers tried to shoo us away because they were so upset about this individual's passing. abc 7 news. >> we'll see you in an hour. >> the owner of the italian enry in the america's cup says his team will stay in the race but he is demanding changes. this afternoon he called on all times to h.teams to work together on a new set of rules to make this event safer. >> for us, it's fundamental.
the wind cannot be too low or too high. we can even decide to pull out of the event if decisions taken are not the ones we think are correct. >> he would like to set a maximum wind speed limit of 20 knots and wants a new safety plan including water ambulances on site as well as professional diver teams and a rescue helicopter. we'll have more in a live report tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> students in san francisco state university demonstrated against what they call police brutality saying officers used excess tiff force last night. police say the people were inside the hall without auj saigs. five people were arrested and one police officer was taken to the hospital. someone pull aid fire alarm, forcing all residents out
doors. all of those arrested are members of the sf commune. a 26-year-old woman from southern california is under arrest after allegedly tricking a elderly man into marrying her and then bilking him out of his life savings. he entered into a sham marriage then stole 350,000s frdz the 85-year-old man. police arrested her thursday night in a san jose hotel when he twont collect another $7,000 from the victim. >> the man accused of killing two family members including a baby made a court appearance today. the 28-year-old ramone ramirez held his head down awaiting arain nmt a court. he is charged with two counts of murder and one attempted murder. authorities say he fatally stabbed his mother and killed his 1-year-old nephew and stabbed his 13-year-old niece,
he had previous run ins with police. >> oakland police and patrol believe two men were targeted in a shooting last night. both victims died after someone in a dark dr colored suv fired shots at the porsche. the driver was killed by gunfire. the passenger may have been hit and killed by a passing car or truck. police say there are no signs of road rage. >> there are no reports of any shots being fired from the white porsche towards the other vehicle. >> investigators say both victims were wearing yellow golden state warriors tee shirts like those given out to fans at the games and tickets were found at the scene. they don't know if the pair attended the playoff game at oracle arena. detectives plan to look to see if the men attended the game.
drivers face hours of delays because northbound 880 was closed. >> a schoolteacher has been arrested for trying to meet a minor for lewd activity. he teaches fourth and fifth grade, arrested by an internet task force. one posed as a 13-year-old girl they say blair agreed to meet for sexual activity. he worked at the school approximately a year. >> the former owner of a party bus company pleaded not guilty in the death of a woman that fell out of a bus that he owned. the 56-year-old made a first court appearance today to face charges. 25-year-old natasha nolan was killed when she fell out of a bus last july. investigators say nolan was fighting with another woman who also fell out but the other woman was able to survive. >> coming up tonight at 11:00 vic lee takes a look at what
is causing a huge spike in home burglaries all over the bay area. >> california's budget analyst believes the state has more money coming in than governor brown predicted. it could set up a fight between governor brown and his fellow democrats in the legislature. lawmakers may want to spend more than the governor proposed. this new estimate shows a gain of $3.2 million. >> in san jose today sky 7 overhead. fans watched some of the world's fastest cyclists in action. the am r.amgen tour rode into the bay area this afternoon. laura anthony is live with more for us. hi, laura. >> this afternoon, 113 of the world's fastest cyclists left from the starting area behind me.
the last of the riders should be finishing thup 20-mile course. a new starting gate. spectators ring traditional cow bells. this year, the bay area and san jose stage six will be crucial to deciding the outcome of the tour of california. >> there will be shuffling around. >> she's hoping to move up after the 19.6 mile solo trek through the hills. >> it's a huge giant road going as far as you can. for 45, 50 minutes however long goitsing to take. you have to find motivation from inside. it's just you. >> besides the team, the at
the rear each man is on his own. the event draws spectators and one doesn't have to race bicycles to appreciate all that goes into the -- making a rider successful. >> it is all that there are big guys and this stuff. it's in person, now. >> many amateurs also find inspiration in this event. >> any time you can encourage people to be on their bicycles and being out there, healthy and active, i think that is a good thing. >> and this is the little sthai grows up around this race at each stop. they take it down to get ready for the next stage, stage 7 up to mount diablo. the amagain tour is also go g.for the local economy. we'll have more tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00.
>> it's like a traveling community they have going there. if you missed the race you can watch the cyclists all weekend in the bay area. tomorrow, 92 miles up. with a finish on mount diablo. the winner will be crowned in santa rosa. >> the 102 beta breakers race taking place this sunday. there will be plenty of runners. the race kicks off at 7:00 in the morning on sunday. 25 muni routes are affected as runners make their way west dozens of streets will be closed before, and during the race. and just a reminder there are new rules this year, no alcohol no, floatses, no large backpacks, no wheeled objects and no pets. >> but wrestling is allowed?. >> yes z nudity as well.
>> yes. wrestling and nudity which may or may not go together. >> there is going to be a lot of street closure autos you can help navigate with our traffic app that is free on google play or apple's app store. >> now, dangerous talk. spencer christian. >> yes its going to be warmer on sunday for thofs you going au natural. here is a look, clear, breezy and cool for today's weather. a live view from mount tam looking down at ocean beach. we had low clouds, temperatures 60 degrees right now in san francisco. 68 this san jose. another live view at the golden gate bridge where traffic is moving along briskly. blue skies. here is a look at the forecast as our exploratorium camera
gives us a loo look across the bay towards the bay bridge. clear skies this evening and areas of low clouds will develop. tomorrow morning lingering low clouds. and sunny tomorrow afternoon that will be the beginning of the warm up. high temperatures from about 60 or 62 at the coast up to about 80. i'll give you a look into the forecast a little bit later. >> still ahead on abc 7 news a peeping exhibit. residents raise privacy concerns after becoming the subject of an art gallery. >> we're live at what some call the luckiest retailer in california. >> michael finney is taking your questions you can contact michael on facebook and on twitter at m finney.
>> taking a look at the san francisco skyway right now, it's breezy out there. and it's slow going especially for drivers trying to make their way east. traffic on the right not moving too much better. abc 7 news
an art exhibit is raising privacy questions. photographer arnie svenson
pointed his camera towards a luxury building and images show residents doing mundane things like napping and cleaning and putting their kids to bed. the photos do not reveal faces, residents and neighbors say svenson crossed the line taking picture was out their knowledge. >> it's creepy. yes. i understand the artistic part of it. but... the privacy part is there too,. >> there is a certain understanding that we're visible from all angles and photographerry is occurring and if your blinds are up, they're up. >> he says neighbors were performing quote, on a stage of their own creation with curtain raised, end quote. the photos are on sale for up to 7500s ndz a gallery. >> facebook celebrates a milestone and another possible buyer for hulu.
hi, emily. >> good afternoon. facebook turns one. it's 1-year-old as a public company just a year ago this accident it traded raising $16 billion in the largest ipo in tech history it's been a rocky start from the initial price. the pentagon cleared apple devices okaying the use of iphones and ipads for military sale setting the stage for a three-way battle for the market long dominated by black berry. another bitter for hulu now, direct tv is said to be also interested in acquiring a stake in hulu.
this isn't the first time it's looked into buying the site considering acquiring hulu two years ago but decided against it, turning now to wall street, stocks rally sending dow and s and p to record highs. and nba digital will have hash tag nba rapid replay. short ads will appear alongside the clips bolstering ad revenue in advance of a potential ipo. back to you. >> thank you vrx a great weekend. >> is it going to be a great weekend? that is what we want to know. >> first five days after the
weekend are the hardest. clear conditions and we've got brisk winds, gusts up to 29 miles per hour. and all around the bay area breezy conditions. a live view you right now from our camera in emeryville looking back towards san francisco. mainly clear skies we'll see areas of low clouds developing. warming begins and the trend continue continue buzz we start to cool down, again. satellite shows a trauf sliding eastward right now. it's going to bring us a warm up over the weekend. it won't last very long as evidenced by a look ahead at the temperature trend.
sunday up to 81 on monday. and that will be the pattern. overnight mainly cleesh and some areas of clouds into parts of the east bay. lows into low 50s. we may see low and upper 40s. highs from about 67 to 72 in palo alto. low 60s on the coast at pacifica. will be breezy along the coast and beyond. 61 in the sunset district. highs into upper 70s. 79 santa rosa.
72 castro valley. up to about 80 at antioch, fairfield and livermore, and brendwood. here is the accu-weather forecast. warm weather throughout monday, upper 80s inland but then, temperatures dropping off sharply as we go into middle of next week. so brief warm up, then another cool down coming our way. >> timing is good. >> it's good timing. >> yes. yes. >> the weekend. >> yes. exactly. >> and beta breaker autos yes. >> right. >> up next stolen bling. brazen jewelry thefts at one of the red carpet events. >> and a distraction that
authorities in france looking for thief that's stole $1 million from a hotel room safe in cannes. investigators say they pulled out the safe from the room of a representative from chopard. >> speaking of cannes actresses the bling ring and star trek roars back to the
box office. >> star trek warped into theaters to the tune of $13.5 mimin this, time around a new developin. details are scarce, he says a lot of thought went into how he looked. >> we just wanted a man dressed in black and about who he was and how he was. rather than strangeness. >> star trek in the darkness is in theaters now. jennifer nettel as announced her first solo album coming this fall. she's best known for fronting the country group sugar land. emma watson was on hand for the premier of celebrity burglary movie the bling ring. and you play a wanna-be socialite she kept stars in mind. >> i had a lot of work to do to get into character for
nikki. i watched lat of kardashian, paris hilton and "the hills". >> and make sure to tune in this sunday here on abc. >> stim ahead on abc 7 news 4:00 ousted head of the irs gets grilled on capitol hill today. his response to the latest scandal. >> also an uproar in canada. accusations against toronto's mayor. >> and michelle obama's message to young african americans. plus...
there is a serious case of lottery fever just about everywhere. >> i've got the fever, i want that money. power ball jackpot ballooned to $600 million, making it the world's second largest lottery prize and megamillions up to $190 million. i want you to do the math on this. >> this is just ridiculous. chances of winning both is one in 30 quadrillion. you can see there, 15 zeroes and not likely.
leanne? >> i hope you can hear me now. this is considered the luckiest lotto store ever because there are four big winners over the years and its been like this all day. two lines because yes, you have megamillions. the prize swelled to $600 million that is a lump sum of $376.9 million. yes, i'll take it. well, the reason why it's so big there is so much money is because no one won on wednesday. and there are a lot of people playing. >> i'm going to go five power
balls for tomorrow, and five tonight. i mean 190? that is better than chump range, right? but 600 is aluring folks. it's a little bit crazy. >> so if nobody wins this saturday, the power ball prize goes up to $1 billion. i can't even say it larry and carolyn. tomorrow this, store will be packed. that is why there are people here. and like i said before... come on, we've got to win. i'm live from san lor yebz yenzo, abc 7 news. >> those are crazy odds. >> look at everybody waiting. >> amazing. >> yes. >> you can follow us on twitter to get the winning numbers the molt they're drawn f i win i'm having a huge
party at my house every one is invited. >> yes. within the sound of my voice you can come over. you can sign up for push alerts to get a message. and tell us about your lottery dreams.>> now, more fire works n capitol hill over the irs scandal. >> it's wrong to abuse tax system this is an outrage fr all americans. >> steven miller apologized but denies there was political pressure. >> i do not believe partisanship motivated people. i think that what happened here was that foolish mistakes were made by people trying to be more efficient in work load selection.
>> republicans allege a cover up but republicans point out many were appointees of former president george w. bush. >> a former attorney for o.j. simpson testified the former star about d.know his buddies were armed when they twont a hotel room to reclaim sports memorabilia. and simpson claimed he didn't know his friends were carrying guns. he his friend testify that had is not true. >> he had told me if he knew he had screwed up and knew there were guns involved. >> simpson is seeking a new trial. >> breaking news now in connecticut two. train trains have collided. you can see here on the tracks. we understand 20-25 people are
injured there are no reports of any fatalities at this point. one train headed to new york another westbound through connecticut here. a major problem they collide and derailed in connecticut. and authorities say residents missing following the tornadoes have been found. the death toll from the storms remains at six. it's unlikely to change at this point. governor perry toured this area today. and many rode out of the storms fearing for leaves. >> i had my eyes closed and we were praying. it was just awful. and scariest feeling and i was worried about my kids.
>> it's back into the neighborhood. many homes were built by habitat for humanity. the ceo promising residents to rebuild. >> the mayor of toronto today denying reports he was caught on cell phone video smoking crack. and reporters for the toronto star newspaper say they've seen video and it does look as though he is inhaling from what looks to be a glass crack pipe. the video supposedly taken by a man he sold the crack to ford. there are reports it's being shopped around for 100,000s oodz first lady michelle obama today stressed importance of education to the african american community and spoke to graduates of bowy state university founded in 1865 to train black teachers and urged graduates to honor the school's history and encourage other african americans to pursue higher ed oox when it comes to getting an education.
many of our young people just can't be bothered. today, they're walking miles every day to school and sitting on couches for hours playing video games, and watching tv. is instead of dreaming of being a teacher or lawyer or business person, they're fantasizing being a baller or a rapper. >> first lady urged graduates to reject the slander that says a black child with a book is trying to act white ask z.told them to be an example of excellence. >> the end was disappointing last night but there is a great sense of accomplishment after game six with the spurs. here is a reality. if they found a way to somehow beat san antonio, stej occurry and company out of healthy bodies and running on fumes playing on a torn hip flechlsor. the team emotional after the loss. but you can see it today, as
drained as they were they were not ready to go home, just yet. >> they -- i woke up hurting and happy, i won't say happy, relief that i don't have to run on these ankles anymore. and getting ready for game seven i won't have minded we have to take theiation for what it s but looking forward to not having any pain right now. >> the warriors hope to build on this and make a deeper run into playoffs. i saw andrew bogan last night there. is no way he could have gone on. >> imagine going back to san antonio trying to win it there? >> impossible. >> yes. >> still to come, one young girl's surprise on the baseball diamond. >> unexpected traffic
distraction causing a police officer to stop in the middle of a high-speed chase. >> today's 7 on your side q and a just ahead. i'm still taking your questions so you can contact me right now on finney abc 7. i'll answer your questions here live in just a moment. >> i'm spencer christian looking down towards ocean beach from mount tam. we have a weekend warm up coming our way. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up in just a moment. >> it's a pretty drive on the san mateo bridge right now. traffic maybe just a bit heavy for drivers making their way east. those drivers are moving along nicely.
sky 7 live over breaking news right now. the police bomb squad is on the scene of what appears to be a live grenade found in a home. this home on clover crest drive near blossom hill road. police evacuated nearby homes as a precaution. >> there is no word on whether this is one of the old world war ii grenades we've seen squirreled away in other homes in the past. we believe the pin is still in the grenade. we'll bring more information as soon as we get it. and update you on twitter. >> a 9-year-old girl got the surprise of her young life. she got to throw out the first pitch at the tampa bay rays
game. she walked in thinking she was selected for a special honor because her dad had been deployed in afghanistan. she the showed a greeting for her. it turns out her dad was crouching behind home plate disgis guysed in full gear. >> no one in the family knew. that trigger aid very careful reunion. she says she thought this was a dream. >> even her mom didn't know her husband had been flown back in for this. >> how cool that? >> yes. yes. and she threw a good pitch. he caught it. it worked perfectly. >> a lot of fun. >> if you pull a stunt like this in your job unless you're in the sports department you might get in trouble. >> he pulled off this amazing trick shot on company time. you can see the ball bouncing down one set of stairs and around a corner then down another flight. there, you can see it. >> nice.
>> rolls into the cup at the bottom. >> yes. golfer needed eight takes to actually hit the putt and send it in. wasn't a hole in one but he should have bought a co-workers a round of drinks to stay here and see this. he works for calloway this, is company research. this is what you do when you work for a golf club manufacturer. >> that is cool. >> a speeding driver became a lucky duck in portland. take a look at this video. driver going 52 miles in a 35 miles per hour zone. >> the officer took off but a family of ducks was spotted tlchl they are. crossing the road right there. the officer made sure ducks got to safety. and the speeding driver, wem, he got away. just in case you're wondering music and graphics courtesy of the portland police department. nice. >> very sweet. >> yes.
they have a lot of time like the calloway golf guy. >> kre. >> speaking of sweet let's check on the forecast. >> spencer is here. >> weekend is looking pretty sweet. here is a live doppler 7 hd. sunny skies right now. we'll have those tomorrow. almost across the state with the exception of way up north around eureka. warming up to almost 80 degrees and sound sunday great conditions here at san francisco starting downtown early morning this is your planner starting at 7:00 in the morning. sunny and a crisp 55 degrees. by 11:00 a.m. mid-60s approaching finish line there at great highway. into early afternoon hours, high temperatures upper 60s. great day for beta breakers. tomorrow, in lodi lake park is
a celebration of zinfindel. there will be music, food and wine. about 82 degree autos very nice. >> yes. >> still head on abc 7 news at 4:00 a new app to help med students and doctors to learn more about brain treatment autos many people are vying for jobs on the internet. how safe to put your personal information online is in the answer to that next.
a sacramento county baby made national headlines when taken by cps is now back home. baby sammy arrived home yesterday. after undergoing heart surgery last week. do you remember three weeks ago police officers barged into the family home on orders of child protective services. they took sammy into protective custody this, is because his parents had taken sammy from southern memorial hospital without a proper discharge. they just wanted a second opinion. sammy was born with two holes in his heart. doctors at stanford closed those holes during surgery. the family has to go to court to get sammy back. >> checking healthy living news, medical students have a new tool to help treat patients with brain disorders.
this app dramatic breaks down an exam the app uses videos flash cards and advice to walk students through exams. it's like being beside a doctor. >> it's a mobile cirriculum bringing the bed side to any situation whether at home and stlek a virtual bed side experience or if they're in the hospital and brushing up there as well. >> a student helped develop this app it's available on the i tune store. >> more consumer news, here is michael finney here. margie s. some companies ask for social security numbers is it safe to provide social security number online? >> you know, it's not ideal but what are you going to do?
what you need to do is make sure you're actually on the company web site and not a fishing site. -- phishing site. some advocates goring to sell you -- tell to you leave it blank because they don't need the information until they decide to hire you. the problem is that they're going to throw ate way. you're kind of forced into the situation wex need a through say awhat they can ask, at what stage because we're all doing this online now. we're in a changed world. >> good point. steve w asked do i have to pay for a yellow page ad i did not authorize? >> you did not. the ad is probably not from yellow pages you think of. here is the deal. back in the day no one trademarked yellow pages. that means you can say i'm from finney yellow pages. there is a ton of rip offs out there.
some put put out a yellow page. just ignore it. >> okay. >> make sure it's not a real one. >> yes. >> then, sign up in a weird way. >> i took out an ad in the finney yellow page autos yes. >> a friend had their iphone stolen what. steps do i need to take? >> things better now because first off, you can call your provider and you tell them your phone was stolen, two things will happen. they'll make it stop working then enter that number into a brand new data base then that phone will not be usable by anyone else because it's in this data base. then, go to find my iphone. you know? then watch abc 7 news sunday
at 11:00 i've got a report on a set of apps that will find it and get rid of snoops so check it out. >> good deal. >> thank you. >> up next return to kbrair dies road. a city where george lucas's first major movie is being recreated. >> taking you live for a drive down memory lane. next. >> coming up at 5:00 the south bay school break in robbing students of a project they need to graduate z tweets showing which parts of the country send out
iconic movie "american graffiti" is turning 40. >> abc 7 news joins us live in petaluma now. quite a ride, wayne. >> i don't know if i've died
and gone to heaven this, is the inside of the chevy bell air, take a look. not just inside, but out. shiny and beautiful. there is 380 cars they're expecting in petaluma this week. and this is all to celebrate the anniversary of the making of a movie. >> it's a sight most people take for granted in petaluma. like this 1967 mercury cyclone. >> so if they see this, it's me. >> rare yes. and rarer still, a certain movie.
this is the 40th anniversary of american graffiti. the classic supposedly took place in modesto. and hot rodders have come to town to honor petaluma, then, and now. >> petaluma are proud of their history. >> this was early wednesday morning. >> it was shot so and we could have -- we actually it was good it was low budget. we only had one light. >> their result? almost indistinguishable. >> little by little.
>> they say it is possible to get a cruiser. >> getting a love of car around petaluma, it's thicker than oil. >> you've got to work on them. and yes, he got back. this was in the movie and this is the white car suzanne somers drove they're all here. i asked one organizer this is the 40th anniversary. what are you going to do for the 50th. the answer was i hope i'm still around. >> gorgeous. >> absolutely. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins
right now. >> thank you. it's a worker accident forcing the port to shut down for next 24 hours. >> and a school break in robbing students of a project they need to graduate. >> i'm abc 7 news sandhya patel. rising temperatures for the weekend. i'll show you the trend in just a few minutes. high 7 live over breaking news we brought you on abc 7 news at 4:00. evacuations underway in a neighborhood where a grenade has been found in a home. >> it's near blossom hill road. a neighbor tells us a woman who live as lone in that home found the grenade and called police. to get rid of it. >> the bomb squad is out there finding out the best way to get rid of the grenade.
neighbors hearing the pin is still in the grenade. >> we'll bring you more information as we get it and update you as to situation develops. so stay tuned for that. more breaking news, crews dive to save a long shoreman whose truck fell off of a pier. the worker did not survive. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm cheryl jennings. the port of oakland going to be shut down for the investigation. abc 7 news joins us live with more. thomas? >> police and a long storeman are calling this an unfortunate accident. now, what we've learned is that the victim is an 80-year-old individual who has been a long shoreman here for 50 years. scene from sky 7 hd, divers